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Join Women in Public Life



Keen to see more women in public life in Guernsey?  Then join the Women in Public Life team and we can work together to make it happen!

These are the Volunteer roles we are currently recruiting for.  If you’re interested, or just want to find out more, please email us, we’d love to hear from you.



Role: We’ve embarked on a big journey and we’d like to document it. We’re looking for someone to pull together our photos, media cuttings and newsletters.

Skills: An interest in marketing and communications. An eye for detail and order.

Time commitment: Flexible. Initially there will be about six hours work to get on top of our current information and create a system to manage it. But after that, you will just need to check in for an hour once a week to see what’s new.



Role: We’ve gathered a lot of statistics on the number of women in various public office roles in Guernsey. We’d like to find even more and bring them together into a report once a year so we can track progress.

Skills: Good numeracy and an eye for detail. Experience of presenting data effectively.

Time commitment: Flexible, averaging two hours a week. The aim would be to produce the first report in August 2020.


Outreach Officer

Role: The Latvian, Portuguese and other communities in Guernsey are significantly under-represented in public office. We’re looking for someone to focus on building relationships and trust with women who live in Guernsey but weren’t born in the British Isles.

Skills:  Good people skills. An interest in other cultures and how people of other nationalities relate to Guernsey.

Time commitment: Flexible, but you will need to have some time free during the day for meetings/calls. Maximum two hours a week.


Interested? Please email us.