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Who is Dr Nicola Brink?

Media interviews with Dr Nicola Brink


Dr Nicola Brink’s calm, clear expertise shines through at every coronavirus briefing. Just like the rest of us, the media has taken her to their hearts, both here and in the UK.

The story of Dr Brink’s career is fascinating and this Bailiwick Express interview makes clear just how incredibly lucky Guernsey is to have her as our Director of Public Health.

Chris Evans from Virgin Radio became a huge fan and praised Dr Brink on air several times:

  • 3rd June : ‘She’s an absolute genius’. Use the ‘select time’ drop-down box at the top to choose 08.30-09.00. Slide to 28.15.
  • 4th June: Full interview, including more detail about why Dr Brink came to live in Guernsey. Use the ‘select time’ drop-down box at the top to choose 08.00-08.30. Slide to 17.10.
  • 5th June: Chris reads email from Dr Brink. Use the ‘select time’ drop-down box at the top to choose 09.30-10.00. Slide to 08.22.

Joining Chris Evans in the UK fan club were Lorraine Kelly and Dr Hilary Jones of ITV’s Good Morning Britain.  Scroll down to the bottom of this article for Lorraine’s full 6 minute interview.

Dr Brink is admired by her scientific peers too. Guernsey’s response to coronavirus was praised by Professor Sir Chris Ham on BBC Radio 5 Live at the beginning of June and Dr Brink was then interviewed by Adrian Chiles. Go to 24:35 here.

At the end of May The Sunday Times ran an article about Dr Brink dramatically titled ‘Covid-19 stamped out in Guernsey under the boots of a one-women army’. BBC News Online published an overall review of Guernsey’s response asking ‘What does a working ‘test and trace’ system look like?‘. The Sunday Telegraph followed the Times’s lead with their own version of the Dr Brink story entitled ‘Meet Dr Nicola Brink, the ‘one woman army’ who helped Guernsey defeat coronavirus‘ (sadly they have a paywall, but there is a free trial).

There’s even a podcast. ITV National News asked island favourite, Gary Burgess, to interview Dr Brink for their ‘Coronavirus – what you need to know‘ series.

Why no masks? How are we checking on travellers? Dr Brink patiently answered islanders’ questions on BBC Guernsey at the end of May. Go to 2:36:00 here.

More recently, GYOne magazine interviewed Dr Brink about her experiences of lockdown. You can read it online here.

And although not a media interview, we just had to include Dr Brink’s soothing bedtime story for the island’s children in this list. Watch here for the original version on a park bench and here for a post-lockdown live rendition at the Guille-Alles library.

Your island thanks you, Dr Brink. Your fame is so well deserved.  So good to hear you aren’t going anywhere:

Tweet from Dr Nicola Brink: I have no interntion of taking up any offers.

If we’ve missed out any media interviews with Dr Brink, please let us know –

Photo of Dr Nicola Brink