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People’s Deputy in the States of Deliberation

38 vacancies


Are you are passionate about Guernsey and its future?

Guernsey’s next general election will be the first time that Islanders will be vote for up to 38 Deputies, rather than just for the 6 or 7 in their district.

The States decides what kind of education our children receive, when we need a new hospital wing, how much we pay in tax, where we build new houses, who can vote, who you can marry…

Could you propose, make and implement important decisions on behalf of your fellow Islanders?


Skills required

The job of Deputy is what you make it.  There is no one way to do it.

Here are the thoughts of three current Deputies:

Deputy Rhian Tooley:  “I think the things that everybody needs to have are:  the ability to read and absorb information from printed material. The ability to meet with people and the confidence to meet with people and have conversations and often to ask some probing questions but also to be sensitive to the information that comes back. And the ability to take those things and roll them together in order to present either the facts or the opinion of the people on a wider stage, whether that’s in the States of Deliberation or in the media and so on”.

Deputy Michelle Le Clerc: “I think one of the really important skills is the ability to be able to read and digest the papers that you get at committee level (and they can get quite technical), and the Billet. You don’t need to be an accountant but you need to be able to understand some budgets and be able to look at the accounts”.

Deputy Lindsay de Sausmarez: “I think that you can really bring whatever skills you have to the job and so one of the great things about the role is that it is flexible enough for you to bring to it what you’re good at. But I would say some of the things that are pretty essential are the desire to help people, I think that is number one. Plus the ability to listen to people and, more importantly, to understand what they are saying and understand why they hold the opinions that they do”.

More information

The role of Deputy.

Thinking of standing?

Resources for potential candidates

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