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Election 2020 Drop In

Saturday Drop In – 11th July


Election 2020 on October 7th is an important election in the history of the island. Whether you’re thinking “it’s time”, or you are considering it but you need more information, drop in to join us any time between 2pm and 4pm on Saturday 11th July at Headway House at KGV Playing Fields (important: directions below).  Children welcome.

We’ll be there to answer any questions you might have about the election process and tell you about the support we offer, including a programme of four evening sessions that we are setting up to help potential candidates understand the role of Deputy and prepare their campaigns.

There’s no obligation at all, it’s just a cup of tea and a chat (and biscuits…). We’re not a political party or association, we don’t mind what your political views are. We won’t be endorsing you at the polls, we’re just trying to help encourage women to overcome the barriers that stop them putting themselves forward. Guernsey can’t choose a balanced team of the best of the island’s talent if not enough women stand in the first place.

In the 2016 election, only 19 of the 81 candidates for Deputy were women. But 12 went on to be elected which increased the proportion of female States members from 11% to 30%.

Please join us on Saturday and pass this invitation on to friends you think should stand.

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Directions:  Park in the main car park at KGV Playing Fields in Rue Cohu, Castel. Don’t go into the new main Clubhouse entrance. Instead, look for a brand new tarmac path on the side of the new extension to the Clubhouse. The path runs between the new accessible parking bays and a wooden fence. Go along the path and through the gate in the wooden fence to enter Headway House (also known as the Lynda Walker Room). Any problems, call Tina on 07781 426786 or Shelaine 07497 081126.


Deputy Lindsay de Sausmarez at the Stand Up for Your Island event