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Your local community needs YOU!

Each of the ten parishes in Guernsey is administered by two elected Constables. They are supported and scrutinised by an elected council of residents called the Douzaine. Together the Constables and the Douzeniers aim to promote a thriving local community.

Parish elections are held in November each year and nomination forms will be available in October.

In the meantime, why not contact your Constables Office or Douzaine Room to have a chat now?  Maybe you could volunteer to help with a parish project to get a feel for how things work?

Skills required

Douzeniers are meant to represent their community so they can come from all walks of life. The more diversity the better so that there are a variety of voices around the table.

The main skill you need is a passion for your parish and a willingness to dedicate time and energy to listening to your parishioners and working to improve your local community.

Different members of the Douzaine bring different perspectives. You may be an accountant so focus on the numbers. You may be a parent so understand the issues for local schools and playgrounds. You may like to write and be able to help with the parish magazine.

More information

The role of Douzenier.

Parish websites.


Photo of Douzenier passing a white van with a St Peter Port parish logo