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**CLOSED – for information only** 

Lay members of the Chambre de Discipline of the Guernsey Bar


If you aren’t happy with the services of an Advocate, you can complain to the Guernsey Bar. If your case goes to a hearing, it will be reviewed by a team of three people – an Advocate, a senior lawyer and a member of the public.

The Batonnier of the Guernsey Bar, Sarah Brehaut, is recruiting for new members of the “lay panel” – the pool of members of the public who are willing and qualified to be considered for particular cases.

The criteria are:

  • Ordinarily resident in the Bailiwick;
  • Not a Jurat, a member of the Child, Youth and Community Tribunal or a member of any other tribunal in the Bailiwick;
  • Never have been a member of a legal profession in any jurisdiction;
  • Have held a senior position of authority

You are likely to be needed for a case twice a year. There is further information about the time commitment etc here.

By “senior position of authority” Sarah means a role at managerial level.

For more detail, contact Sarah on 748930 or


Closed:  25th September 2020.