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119 Candidates?!  Need some help to choose?


The dramatic health and economic effects of Covid-19 mean Election 2020 is the most important of our lifetimes.

Choosing the best team of 38 from a field of 119 candidates is going to involve a lot of worthwhile effort from all of us.

Here are some tools to help:

Online manifestos, videos and audio

The manifesto booklet is already up online and will start being delivered to homes from about Friday 18th September. Each candidate has their own manifesto page on, including a short video. There’s a Yes/No/Maybe button on each page so you can save a list of your choices.

The new “Guernsey Daily” podcast has started a series of audio manifestos.

Spreadsheet templates you can borrow

Feel the need for a spreadsheet? This tool from Ouro Consulting helps you rank each Election 2020 candidate against the criteria you care about. It then works out your top 38 based on your scores. The candidates names all link through to their manifestos.

Not quite as scientific, but effective and colourful, is this spreadsheet from Jason Magee (@jasemagee). It includes a photos and personal statements as well as links to manifestos and videos.

If those spreadsheets are too complicated, try this straightforward one from Paul Merrien (@paulmcginty_gsy).

List of all the hustings

The old parish hustings have gone but a plethora of other hustings, drop-ins and ‘meet the candidates’ events have replaced them, organised by parties, groups of independents and members of the public. Want to know which hustings are on a particular night? Check out our handy calendar.

Advice to voters from opinion writers

The media are running a series of opinion pieces advising voters on what to look for when choosing candidates.  Here are a few:

Ex-Deputy John Langlois – identifies the qualities that make a good Deputy.

Editor of Guernsey Press – warns against candidates who won’t put in the hard work if elected.

Ex-Deputy Peter Gillson – describes the volume of paperwork a Deputy has to read.


Tools to come: asked members of the public for their questions and candidates are busy answering all 80 of them right now. They will go up on the website shortly.

The Electoral Support Group has also asked candidates to fill in a list of questions about their careers and other information about them as people, rather than their politics. This will be ready on 22nd September.