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Our campaign to inspire new Douzeniers


Women in Public Life is proud to launch our new campaign to inspire and support the women of Guernsey to join their parish Douzaines.

Parishes will begin advertising their elections in the Gazette Officielle on Friday October 9th 2020. The deadline for nominations is Monday 26th October. The elections will be held at the parish meetings on the evening of Wednesday 4th November.

45 positions

In total across the island, more than 45 Douzenier and Constable terms of office are coming to an end in 2020. It is not yet known how many existing officials will stand for re-election but all positions are open to new candidates from the relevant parish.

Unlike the whirlwind that surrounds Election 2020, parish elections usually come and go quietly. In 2019, there was only one contested parish election in the whole island. That means there was just one candidate in the running for the majority of parish positions – who was then elected unopposed. Four Douzenier seats attracted no candidates at all.

Demographics of the Douzaine

Some brilliant women have joined their Douzaine recently, including Victoria Robinson in the Vale who was only 26 at the time. But still, nearly 80% of our Douzeniers and Constables are men. Encouraging more women to consider the roles seems an obvious way to increase the number of candidates for parishioners to choose from.


Over the summer we interviewed Douzeniers and Constables from across the island about the positive changes they are achieving for their parishioners – from campaigning for a night bus in Torteval to clearing all the redundant signs and poles from the Bridge. Every parish was different but the commitment and enthusiasm were the same.

All of those videos can be viewed below and are also included on the ‘Roles’ section of our website where we explain every aspect of the job of Douzenier and Constable: What skills do you need? What’s the time commitment? How do you get elected?

Drop-In Session

The social media part of the campaign focuses on a short compilation video with snippets from all of the women interviewed and encourages anyone thinking of putting themselves forward to come to a Drop-In Session on Saturday 3rd October from 2pm to 4pm at the Headway House at the KGV Playing Fields. Details here.

If you’re inspired to help Guernsey to #Revive and Thrive by considering joining your Douzaine, follow our step-by-step guide to find out more.

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