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**CLOSED – for information only** 

Complaints Panel and Independent Members of the Administrative Review Board

It’s important that we, the Guernsey public, are able to make a complaint about the services we get from the States if we need to, and have it dealt with fairly and impartially. That’s why Guernsey has a Complaints Panel made up of trained members of the public and it’s also why a member of the public is the ‘independent member’ on the tribunal if the complaint goes forward for a hearing.

The States is now seeking to appoint additional members for:

  1. The Complaints Panel – members evaluate complaints against the decisions, actions or omissions of States’ committees as brought by members of the public and decide whether they should go forward to a Review Board hearing.
  2. The Panel of Independent Members – one member sits as the ‘independent member’ of a four-person Administrative Review Board at a public hearing.

More information:

Video interview with a panel member describing her role.

States of Guernsey role descriptions and information about the application process.

Additional information, including current membership.

Closed: Friday 23rd October 2020