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Love your parish? Be a Douzenier!

**For information only: Nominations closed on Monday 26th October**.


Love your parish?  Be a Douzenier!


Parish elections will be held on Wednesday 4th November. 


Lockdown brought us closer to our neighbours and our local area. If you love your parish, why not help Guernsey to #ReviveandThrive by considering joining the Douzaine?

Douzeniers can come from all walks of life. The more diversity the better so that there are a variety of voices around the table representing everyone in the parish.

The main skill you need is a passion for your corner of our lovely island and a willingness to give some time and energy to listening to parishioners and working together as a team to improve your local community.


Douzeniers are responsible for the vision and direction of the parish and the transparency of its affairs. The two Constables are responsible for the day-to-day administration of the parish, assisted by a small team of parish staff.

The main commitment for a Douzenier is attending a monthly Douzaine meeting on the last Monday of the month. After that, how much you volunteer to help the Constables or get involved with the various sub-committees is up to you.

Different members of the Douzaine bring different perspectives. You may be an accountant so focus on the numbers. You may be a parent so understand the issues for local schools and playgrounds. You may have a way with words and be able to help with the parish magazine.

Interested?  Watch the videos below and click here for a step-by-step guide to finding out more.