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Significant roles for eight in the States


Three weeks after Election 2020 we now know who all the new Presidents and members of States committees are. And most of the Vice-Presidents.

Guernsey’s eight female Deputies are clearly valued by their colleagues. The five experienced Deputies all have leadership roles. Deputy Heidi Soulsby is Vice-President of Policy and Resources working directly with Deputy Peter Ferbrache. There are four female committee presidents: Deputies Andrea Dudley-Owen (Education, Sport and Culture), Lindsay De Sausmarez (Environment and Infrastructure), Yvonne Burford (Scrutiny) and Victoria Oliver (Development and Planning).

There will be no sitting back and watching from the sidelines for the newbies, they have all rolled up their sleeves. Deputy Tina Bury will be extremely busy as Vice-President of Health and Social Care and a member of Employment and Social Security. Deputy Sasha Kazantseva-Miller has a big role to play on Economic Development and is blending that with membership of the Development and Planning Authority. Deputy Sue Aldwell has joined Education, Sport and Culture with all the weight of public expectation that carries.

Just one disappointment – there are no women at all on four of the committees. Not for lack of trying – Deputy Aldwell’s bid for Home Affairs and Deputy Oliver’s for the States Trading and Supervisory Board were defeated.