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A dozen on the douzaine

In this year’s parish elections twelve new female Douzeniers were elected in this year’s parish elections of the nineteen who stood.

A dozen new women on the Douzaine in one election is way beyond anyone’s expectations!

Twelve new women means:

  1. The average percentage of female Douzeniers in the Island as a whole has jumped from 21% to 29% in one year
  2. At 29%, female representation is now significantly better than in the States (20%).
  3. In 2019, there were three parishes that only had one female Douzenier. Now all parishes have two or more.
  4. St Sampson’s showed the biggest change. From one women to four in one election.


Our campaign to encourage women to stand focused on Douzeniers this year. For those interested in the Constables, the percentage of women is unchanged at 20%. Zoe Lihou replaced Jenny Tasker in St Peter Port, Becky Link was re-elected in Torteval, Shane Cummings stepped up from Douzenier in St Andrews but Jill Bray retired in St Pierre du Bois.


Female Douzeniers elected in the Parish Elections 2020


St Sampson’s (contested)

Julie Creed

Kim Abbotts

Jennifer Marquand


St Pierre du Bois

Louisa Aron


St Andrew’s

Hana Atkinson

Nicolla Tanguy


Torteval (contested)

Jennifer Blackburn

Nicolette Addlesee (re-stood)


St Saviour’s

Patricia Kennedy

Linda Norman



Rhiannon Cook (re-stood)



Sarah Plumley (re-stood)


St Peter Port (contested – deferred election)

Odette Duerden

Dr Nichola Lloyd


St Martin’s (contested – deferred election)

Carla Bauer