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Election observers disappointed


Remember the independent expert election observers who were invited to oversee Guernsey’s first island-wide election?¬†

They’ve just published their report and were disappointed by the fall in the number of female Deputies from 12 to eight.

In particular, they make clear that gender balance is a government responsibility and the States itself should be taking measures to increase the participation of women in political life. Hurrah!

We look forward to discussing those measures with the States Assembly and Constitution Committee and will be happy to help promote them to women across the Island.


To read the full report, go to:

Links to various BBC Guernsey interviews on the topic are below:

  • Guernsey’s Registrar General, Colette Falla, at 2:05:20 here.
  • President of the States Assembly and Constitution Committee, Deputy Carl Meerveld, at 2:07:00 here.
  • Chair of Women in Public Life, Shelaine Green, at 1:05:30 here.