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Applause for maiden speeches


A Deputy’s first ever speech in the Assembly is their ‘maiden’ speech and traditionally greeted with applause.


Deputy Sasha Kazantseva-Miller made her maiden speech in the Budget debate on 15th December 2020, calling for bold moves and risk taking to promote Guernsey’s economy. Guernsey Press report.

Deputy Tina Bury focused on children in poverty, helping to force Deputy Dyke to withdraw an amendment that would have reduced the benefit limitation for large families. Guernsey Press report.

In her maiden speech, Deputy Sue Aldwell used a specific example from her tenure as Constable of Torteval to highlight the unfair impact on pensioners of Guernsey’s new waste management charges.



To listen to Tina, Sasha and Sue go to Click on ‘Watch the States Meeting online’, then choose the appropriate session. If you don’t have the Teams app, click ‘Watch on the web instead’, then ‘Join anonymously’.

Sasha is at 16.55 in the Wednesday morning session.
Tina is at 35.55 in the Wednesday afternoon session.
Sue is at 1:36:45 in the Thursday morning session.