Headway House directions


Park in the main car park at the King George V (KGV) Playing Fields in Rue Cohu, Castel.

*Don’t go into the main Clubhouse (glass doors)*. The Headway House has its own entrance.

Instead, look for a brand new tarmac path. The path runs between the new disabled parking bays and a wooden fence. It’s on the left side of the building, if you are facing the glass doors to the Clubhouse.

Go along the path and through the gate in the wooden fence to enter Headway House (also known as the Lynda Walker Room).


Tax Review – Phase 1


In short:


If you just want to get up to speed quickly on Phase 1, follow these five links:


In detail:



The States debated a Tax Review green paper – which included GST – in October 2021. The debate was split over two States meetings and just before the second half of the debate, P&R amended its original propositions to include engaging further with the community and investigating more options for raising revenue before returning with more detailed proposals in July 2022.

In preparation for that July debate, P&R held a media conference in February 2022 to announce three options for a new tax system, created a section on the gov.gg website to give further information and held a series of drop-ins.  A potential delay to the debate was mooted and proved to be correct.

The Tax Review – Phase 1 was led by members of the Policy & Resources Committee and the Committee for Employment & Social Security, who formed the Tax Review Steering Group.

P&R forecast that the gap between the revenues received from taxation and the cost of the services and infrastructure would be £85m per year by 2040.



P&R proposed three options to fill the gap in Guernsey’s finances:

1. Income-based health tax at 3%. More progressive Social Security system used to raise more money.

2. GST going up to 8% with mitigation measures to protect low-income households. Increase in personal allowances. More progressive Social Security system without raising more money.

3. GST going up to 5% with smaller mitigation measures to protect low-income households. Smaller increase in personal allowances. More progressive Social Security system used to raise more money.

Each of the three options included the assumption that £10m in additional revenue will be raised through changes to the corporate tax system.


OurFuture.gg website

All the government information about the Tax Review – Phase 1 was on the OurFuture.gg website, but this has now been superceded by the new proposals in Phase 2.

Note: the original Tax Review webpages that were available at launch in 2021 are still live here.


Peter Rose’s letter

Peter Rose’s letter: ‘Usable reserves’ mean no need for tax hikes (4 Mar, Guernsey Press letters)

Deputy Heidi Soulsby’s response: ‘We do have real challenges which we must face up to’ (22 Mar, Guernsey Press opinion)


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