Watching the anti-discrimination vote


Here’s how to join us in the public gallery on Wednesday 28 September to listen to the debate and watch the historic vote:

We’ll be wearing Women in Public Life T-shirts on the steps, so you will probably already have joined up with us outside the Court as everyone celebrates the arrival of the Deputies. [Note: the crowd will be gathered at the steps to the revolving door entrance to the Court, not the traditional steps]. But if you haven’t found us, we’ll meet you in the foyer of the Royal Court at 9.15am and we’ll all go through to the gallery together. To get to the meeting point, go through the door into the Court, get your bags checked by security and then wait in the area underneath the stairs.

There are strict rules about watching a States debate. Make sure you read our Guide to Watching a States Meeting beforehand.

Once the meeting starts at 9.30am, there are due to be statements from two committee presidents, plus questions, before Deputies get to the part of the order paper (agenda) where they approve legislation. It’s hard to know how long those statements/questions will take but we’re hoping that the States will get to the approval of the anti-discrimination legislation before lunch. Order paper.

With 11 amendments to discuss, debate will certainly continue after lunch (12.30pm – 14.30pm) and late into the afternoon. It could even spill over into the next day. You don’t have to stay for the whole thing, you can dip in and out as it suits you.

If you can’t be there for 9.15am, feel free to join us in the gallery at any point during the morning/afternoon. Just ask Security to show you where it is.

Shelaine will be on WhatsApp on the day so message her if you need to know anything – 07497 081126.

To better understand the anti-discrimination legislation, read our briefing note.