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Funding and Investment Plan/GWP




The Government Work Plan (GWP) was debated at the July 2023 States meeting but that was only a green paper (for discussion only, no amendments).

The true debate about the island’s priorities will be at the States meeting that starts on the 17 October 2023 (new date, was 18 October). A revised, amendable version of the GWP will be discussed alongside a ten-year Funding and Investment Plan (options to raise the revenue needed) and the Capital Portfolio (which infrastructure projects can go ahead).

This landmark meeting will determine what this States wants to spend money on and how they intend to raise the revenue to pay for it. It throws up huge and challenging decisions about GST and borrowing – or cutting plans to the bone instead.

The debate has been delayed several times. Originally it was due at the June meeting, then July, then the 27 Sept meeting, now it’s happening in October.


Where to start


1. Funding & Investment Plan (options to raise the revenue needed over the next ten years):

Start with the F&I Plan as it’s new, whereas the GWP was debated in draft form in July. P&R and States Comms are trying hard to communicate the three funding options in layperson’s terms. So the best place to start is definitely the Public Finances section of ‘‘ which has graphics and an informative FAQ section.

For a good media summary of the F&I Plan, see Bailiwick Express’s article here.


2. Government Work Plan (what’s going to be delivered in this political term):

The GWP policy letter has two public-friendly GWP summaries in the appendices. Firstly, there a Monitoring Report that sets out the GWP progress so far. Then there’s a summary of the new GWP, listing the work that has been prioritised under each of three ‘strategic portfolios’.

Housing is a clear focal point. Overall, committee presidents seem to be happy with their work plans, as negotiated with P&R. The GWP also has its own page on’s Our Future website.


3. Capital portfolio (infrastructure projects over the next ten years):

The two main infrastructure projects are the Education Transformation Programme and the Hospital – Phase 2 and these are specifically mentioned in summaries of the F&I Plan. But if you want to dig deeper into all the other capital projects, you’ll need Annex 2 of the F&I report.

Deputy Murray has written a good summary of which capital projects are included in each of the three funding scenarios here.




It’s too early for amendments to be lodged as yet but Education has already announced that it will be seeking to amend the GWP to provide more funding for the Sports Strategy.


Policy letters


To dive into the detail, here are the policy letters in full:

Government Work Plan – including each committee’s work plan.
Funding and Investment Plan
Capital Prioritisation (Annex 2 of F&I)




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States media releases


Short delay to publication (10 Aug)
Fiscal Policy Panel to independently assess F&I plan (14 Aug)
Revised GWP for October debate (18 Aug)
Educations’ Sports Strategy amendment (18 Aug)
50% of small businesses won’t need to register for GST (12 Sep)
States’ 2023 financial position likely to be better than expected (26 Sep)


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Zenzile Miriam Makeba (1932 to 2008), nicknamed Mama Africa, was a South African singer, songwriter, actress, United Nations goodwill ambassador, and civil rights activist. Associated with musical genres including Afropop, jazz, and world music, she was an advocate against apartheid and white-minority government in South Africa. In 2020 she was named one of Time magazine’s 100 women of the century. 

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New Zealand is ranked 4th in the world for percentage of women in national parliament: 48.3% (source: 

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