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Funding & Investment Plan




Summary of original proposals
Policy letters
Other media coverage
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A landmark debate to determine how the island is funded took place at the States meeting that started on the 17 October 2023. Deputies spent three and a half days discussing P&R’s ten-year Funding and Investment Plan (options to raise the revenue needed) and the Capital Portfolio (which infrastructure projects can go ahead), including 12 amendments.

[There wasn’t time to discuss the revised, amendable version of the GWP so that was carried over to a future meeting.]

Here’s our two page summary of what the States agreed:


For a quick media catch up on the results of the meeting, check out the four links below:

P&R calls for early election after GST is rejected again (20 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Les Ozouets campus’ future in limbo as it goes unfunded (21 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Shorthand States: P&R to seek early election after GST fails again (20 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Focus: Spotlight on spending (27 Oct, Bailiwick Express)

For details of the results of all the amendments, click here.


Summary of original proposals


1. Funding & Investment Plan (options to raise the revenue needed over the next ten years):

To understand P&R’s proposals, start with the F&I Plan as it’s new, whereas the GWP was debated in draft form in July. P&R and States Comms tried hard to communicate the three funding options in layperson’s terms, see the Public Finances section of ‘‘ which has graphics and an informative FAQ section.

For a good media summary of the F&I Plan, see Bailiwick Express’s latest ‘Explainer’ article here.


2. Government Work Plan (what’s going to be delivered in this political term):

The GWP policy letter has two public-friendly GWP summaries in the appendices. Firstly, there a Monitoring Report that sets out the GWP progress so far. Then there’s a summary of the new GWP, listing the work that has been prioritised under each of three ‘strategic portfolios’.

Housing is a clear focal point. Overall, committee presidents seem to be happy with their work plans, as negotiated with P&R. The GWP also has its own page on’s Our Future website.


3. Capital portfolio (infrastructure projects over the next ten years):

The two main infrastructure projects are the Education Transformation Programme and the Hospital – Phase 2 and these are specifically mentioned in summaries of the F&I Plan. But if you want to dig deeper into all the other capital projects, you’ll need Annex 2 of the F&I report.

Deputy Murray wrote a good summary of which capital projects are included in each of the three funding scenarios here.




Click on the amendment number to read it in full and click the vote result to see who voted pour and contre.
When reading an amendment, the best way to understand it is to start with the explanatory note at the end.

FIP 1 (Roffey/Matthews) – uncouple P&R’s three scenarios so deputies can pick and mix CARRIED 20-19 .
[Amendment refers extensively to Appendix 1. Read that here].
Controversial proposals split into ‘bite-size chunks’ (18 Oct, Bailiwick Express)
Amendment splits P&R’s ‘scenarios’ into separate votes (19 Oct, Guernsey Press)

FIP 2 (Roffey/De Saus) – borrow for the Affordable Housing Development Programme CARRIED 27-11 as an amendment. Resulting proposition then CARRIED 27-9
Bid made for multi-year funding of affordable homes through borrowing (11 Oct, Bailiwick Express)
Deputies agree in principle to borrow millions for housing (20 Oct, Bailiwick Express)
Deputies clear the way for improved access to funds for Guernsey Housing Association (20 Oct, Guernsey Press)

FIP 3 (St Pier/Vermuelen) – set up special committee to do root and branch review of tax system LOST 16-23
P&R could lose tax reform powers (10 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Assembly rejects wholesale review of taxation (21 Oct, Guernsey Press)

FIP 4 (Soulsby/KMiller) – build on the staged approach of Fairer Alternative LOST 16-24
‘Fairer alternative’ plan aims to raise more without GST (10 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Bid to hold off GST would hit motorists and companies (10 Oct, Bailiwick Express)
Group of Deputies want to temporarily stop funding States pension pot (12 Oct, Bailiwick Express)
Pension break amendment ‘will save £80m’ (12 Oct, Guernsey Press)
“If £50million is a drop in the ocean, then £78million is equally affordable” (13 Oct, Bailiwick Express)
Unions warn public sector pension amendment would “destroy” scheme’s sustainability (13 Oct, Bailiwick Express)
Unions: ‘Fairer alternative’ is foolhardy and reckless (14 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Hands off our pensions! (16 Oct, Bailiwick Express)
Actuarial valuation shows public sector pension fund value has fallen to around 89% (16 Oct, States media release)
Latest figures make pension contribution holiday idea a ‘no-go’, says P&R (17 Oct, Guernsey Press)
“Reckless” Soulsby/St Pier alternative thrown out by States (17 Oct, Bailiwick Express)
Soulsby amendment ‘palatable’ if not ‘total fix we would like to find’ – Falla (18 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Deputies reject former P&R member’s ‘scarier alternative’ (18 Oct, Guernsey Press)

FIP 5 (KMiller/Soulsby) – review whether capital investment should increase from 1.5% of GWP, plus new ways to raise capital CARRIED 36-4 as an amendment. Resulting 5 propositions CARRIED 29-7, 31-7, 31-7, 30-8, 31-8
States investment targets could be re-set (19 Oct, Bailiwick Express)
P&R must look again at capital spending priorities (20 Oct, Guernsey Press)

FIP 6 (Brouard/Bury) – borrow to allow Hospital Phase 2 to be included in Scenario 1 “do as planned” CARRIED 20-19
Health fights to keep hospital modernisation programme “on track” (11 Oct, Bailiwick Express)
PEH plans backed ahead of main tax and spending debate (19 Oct, Bailiwick Express)
PEH modernisation now more likely after States vote (19 Oct, Guernsey Press)

FIP 7 (Parkinson/McKenna) – introduce territorial corporate income tax at 10-15% LOST 11-29
‘Scrap zero-10 company tax for territorial system’ (10 Oct, Guernsey Press)
States reject territorial corporate tax again (19 Oct, Bailiwick Express)
Only 11 support introduction of territorial company tax (19 Oct, Guernsey Press)

FIP 8 (Matthews/Roffey) – pause Les Ozouets Campus, keep Sixth Form at Les Varendes
Replaced by FIP 10 – as above, but making clearer that Guernsey Institute can proceed LOST 16-22
Deputies make bid to keep sixth form at Les Varendes (11 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Education’s sixth-form plans could be derailed (14 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Roffey – ‘three reasons to halt ESC’s sixth form plan’ (16 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Education “astounded” with amendments seeking to stop Les Ozouets development (18 Oct, Bailiwick Express)
Day three ends with debate on location of Sixth Form Centre (20 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Sixth form centre will remain part of Les Ozouets education campus (20 Oct, Bailiwick Express)
‘I haven’t met one person who thinks the move is right’ (21 Oct, Guernsey Press)

FIP 9 (Trott/Gollop) – if all other options rejected, raise income tax by 2% LOST 10-30
Trott amendment to raise income tax standard rate (10 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Higher rate of income tax ‘not perfect, but better, and more realistic, than GST’ (19 Oct, Guernsey Press)
20% income tax rate saved (19 Oct, Bailiwick Express)
Members reject move to include income tax hike among options (20 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Editor: Is income tax at 20% sacrosanct? (20 Oct, Guernsey Press)

FIP 11 (Taylor/St Pier) – P&R to revert to the States before investing in Leale’s Yard CARRIED 17-16 as an amendment. Resulting proposition then CARRIED 20-15.
Deputies probe for info on Leale’s Yard before committing millions (18 Oct, Bailiwick Express)
P&R could be forced to let States debate Leale’s Yard support (19 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Leale’s Yard project to progress under heightened scrutiny (20 Oct, Bailiwick Express)
Deputies vote for greater insight into Bridge plans (21 Oct, Guernsey Press)

FIP 12 (Helyar/Ferbrache) – created a ‘backstop’ option without Hospital Phase 2 funding CARRIED 23-16 as an amendment. But not required as a proposition, superceded.
Priority for PEH upgrade takes a step back a day after narrow success (20 Oct, Guernsey Press)


GWP amendments for debate at next meeting:

GWP 1 (Soulsby/KMiller) – enhance subsidised child care and pre-school provision
Deputy’s amendment seeks to reduce cost of childcare (11 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Editor: Easing the early years expense (11 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Business groups keen on free childcare idea (12 Oct, Guernsey Press)

GWP 2 (DOwen/Cameron) – more funding for Active 8 sports programme
Committee asks for £300k budget boost to save Guernsey’s long-term sport strategy (23 Aug, ITV Channel)
Commissions urge States to back Active 8 amendment (28 Aug, Guernsey Press)

GWP 3 (Meerveld/McKenna) – set up special committee to look at windpower, with Deputy Meerveld included.
Deputy wants committee to look at setting up wind farm (12 Oct, Guernsey Press)



As a result of Deputy Roffey’s Amendment 1, the three Scenarios that P&R had proposed were deconstructed so that deputies could vote on each part separately.

The original propositions and the new set of propositions are here.

Deputy Soulsby created a handy flowchart outlining the decisions deputies had to make:

Here are the propositions that the deputies agreed and that now constitute the island’s Funding and Investment Plan. Click the vote result to see the proposition itself and who voted for it:

Prop 1 – agree the core measures, including £10m of motor taxes, £10m from 15% tax on multinational corporates (OECD), £5m from levy on corporates and £10m of savings. £95m of capital investment on ‘in-flight’ projects (already in progress). CARRIED 35-4

Prop 3 – direct P&R to come up with proposals to address the deficit by Sept 2026. CARRIED 37-2

Prop 6 – cap infrastructure investment in this States term at £340m, including the core £95m and the hospital phase 2. CARRIED 23-16

Prop 6, option 3 – to pay for the £340m, use £90m of the Health Reserve and borrow if necessary. CARRIED 21-18.

GST rejected again but hospital project will continue as planned (20 Oct, Bailiwick Express)
Guernsey to the polls? (20 Oct, Bailiwick Express)
P&R calls for early election after GST is rejected again (21 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Les Ozouets campus’ future in limbo as it goes unfunded (21 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Will P&R make it to an early general election? (23 Oct, Bailiwick Express)
Presidents saying no to P&R’s early election call (23 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Editor: P&R to jump – or get the push? (23 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Sixth form move to La Mare in doubt after ESC loses funding (23 Oct, Guernsey Press)
St Pier: “We are in an unprecedented position” (23 Oct, Bailiwick Express)

Policy letters


To dive into the detail, here are the policy letters in full:

Government Work Plan – including each committee’s work plan.
Funding and Investment Plan
Capital Prioritisation (Annex 2 of F&I)


Other media coverage


Independent panel created to oversee fiscal policy (15 Aug, BBC Guernsey)
States in talks to fund new housing at Bridge (19 Aug, Guernsey Press)
P&R seek support to invest in housing and flood defences at the Bridge (19 Aug, Bailiwick Express)
P&R warns of rising costs as it backs sports strategy review (21 Aug, Bailiwick Express)
Editor: States must get serious over GWP (22 Aug, Guernsey Press)
States set to build 400 homes in five years (22 Aug, Guernsey Press)
Pulling in the same direction: Committee presidents’ response to P&R Policy Letter (26 Aug, Bailiwick Express)
Home Affairs President voices support for P&R reset (28 Aug, Bailiwick Express)
Tax reform and borrowing seen as prime way to make island sustainable (5 Sep, Bailiwick Express)
Smaller outlets have “significant concerns” with GST (5 Sep, Bailiwick Express)
Meerveld agrees to scale back anti-GST protests (5 Sep, Guernsey Press)
P&R taking GST proposal to the States for a third time (6 Sep, Guernsey Press)
‘Fairer alternative’ leaders disappointed by third GST bid (7 Sep, Guernsey Press)
P&R finance plans out (11 Sep, Bailiwick Express)
Are you prepared to do what is right for the island?’ (11 Sep, Guernsey Press)
Duquemin: Still waiting for a big win (11 Sep, Guernsey Press)
GST will not damage small businesses, P&R says (14 Sep, Bailiwick Express)
Roffey: Hobson’s choice? (14 Sep, Guernsey Press)
Claims GST will damage small businesses are untrue – Helyar (15 Sep, Guernsey Press)
Island could end up being £1bn. in debt (18 Sep, Guernsey Press)
We were right to avoid extra borrowing earlier in term – P&R (18 Sep, Guernsey Press)
Editor: True cost of borrowing must be clear (18 Sep, Guernsey Press)
Murray: A bridge too far? (19 Sep, Guernsey Press)
Hopes grow to export wind power (19 Sep, Guernsey Press)
Chance to grill President over funding plans (21 Sep, Bailiwick Express)
States likely to miss its own savings target of £10m. a year minimum (21 Sep, Guernsey Press)
‘Say no to GST’ red ribbon campaign gets resurrected (21 Sep, Guernsey Press)
Peter Ferbrache ‘has his say’ on Facebook (21 Sep, Guernsey Press)
States finances ‘better than expected’ (26 Sep, BBC Guernsey)
States predicted to end year £18million ahead of budget (26 Sep, Bailiwick Express)
P&R’s tax plans challenged as States ‘£18m. ahead of budget’ (27 Sep, Guernsey Press)
Small businesses WILL suffer, warns GRG (28 Sep, Bailiwick Express)
‘Nothing has changed, our finances are unsustainable’ (28 Sep, Guernsey Press)
Case studies re-published in continued GST push (29 Sep, Bailiwick Express)
Poll: Are you better or worse off? (29 Sep, Bailiwick Express)
PEH and Les Ozouets projects too big to start at same time (29 Sep, Guernsey Press)
Editor: When is the right time to borrow? (29 Sep, Guernsey Press)
GST would be disastrous for local sector, say retailers (1 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Mahoney: Savings alone are not the solution (2 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Chamber backs P&R’s tax proposal but calls for cost cutting and pension reform (2 Oct, Bailiwick Express)
Chamber of Commerce executive concedes necessity of tax reforms (3 Oct, Guernsey Press)
No march, but we’re still here – protesters (5 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Education faces ‘total disarray’ without funding, warns P&R member Murray (5 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Politics Podcast: Deputy Murray on tax, spending, and education (5 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Education seeks to bust myths on post-16 plans (6 Oct, Bailiwick Express)
Editor: A taxing problem (6 Oct, Guernsey Press)
We’re not 100% against GST, say campaigners (7 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Claims made that introducing GST will cost £90million (9 Oct, Bailiwick Express)
‘£50m hole in GST plan’ (9 Oct, Guernsey Press)
“A regressive tax can be part of a progressive tax system” (9 Oct, Bailiwick Express)
‘GST package is closest, but none will raise enough money’ (9 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Industry body supports tax rises instead of GST (9 Oct, Bailiwick Express)
Condition of some schools hampering teachers, says ESC (10 Oct, Guernsey Press)
P&R accused of being ‘bloody-minded’ by GST critic (10 Oct, Bailiwick Express)
Poll: Your say on GST (10 Oct, Bailiwick Express)
P&R hits back at ‘untrue’ tax claim (11 Oct, Guernsey Press)
P&R hits back at ‘misleading’ £90million GST cost (11 Oct, Bailiwick Express)
Education: “We’re on the starting blocks ready to go” (12 Oct, Bailiwick Express)
Poor attendance as ESC aims to win deputies over (12 Oct, Bailiwick Express)
UK lord: If Guernsey P&R loses tax reform, it is time to go (12 Oct, BBC Guernsey)
Another defeat will put GST on the shelf, says P&R president (13 Oct, Guernsey Press)
It’s time to overcome the squabbles, says ESC (13 Oct, Bailiwick Express)
School and hospital can go ahead at same time, construction industry says (13 Oct, Bailiwick Express)
Politics Podcast: Tax take three (13 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Think tank’s tax views ‘lean on populism’ (13 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Unsustainable Guernsey (13 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Dunlop: Debt rules (13 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Dick-Cleland: Say no to GST (13 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Ferbrache: ‘We have to address the reality of our situation’ (13 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Helyar: ‘It is time to bite the bullet and fix the problem’ (16 Oct, Guernsey Press)
St Pier: Popcorn at the ready (16 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Explained: More than just GST… (16 Oct, Bailiwick Express)
Editor: Difficult decisions (17 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Majority of business body members back tax and borrowing plans (17 Oct, Bailiwick Express)
‘Our option by far the fairest alternative’ – Helyar (18 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Islanders ‘will pay price for lack of investment’, warns industry body (18 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Editor: ‘Never the twain’ fails us all (18 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Camp: ‘No decision is the best possible outcome’ (20 Oct, Guernsey Press)


Podcasts and videos

Watch: P&R field questions on tax debate (17 Oct, IoD via Bailiwick Express)

Shorthand States: ‘Fairer Alternative’ defeated (17 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Shorthand States: Hospital project prioritised? (18 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Shorthand States: Tax take three, day three (19 Oct, Guernsey Press)
Shorthand States: P&R to seek early election after GST fails again (20 Oct, Guernsey Press)

Focus: Spotlight on spending (27 Oct, Bailiwick Express)


States media releases


Short delay to publication (10 Aug)
Fiscal Policy Panel to independently assess F&I plan (14 Aug)
Revised GWP for October debate (18 Aug)
Educations’ Sports Strategy amendment (18 Aug)
50% of small businesses won’t need to register for GST (12 Sep)
States’ 2023 financial position likely to be better than expected (26 Sep)
Case studies published to illustrate what sustainable tax package will mean for individual households (28 Sep)
Policy & Resources Committee shares example of Goods & Services Tax form for businesses (29 Sep)
ESC goes out to tender for Les Ozouets demolition to meet overall project timeline – but process will stop if States decides against funding post-16 campus (4 Oct)
Policy & Resources releases income tax comparison to show impact on households (5 Oct)
Post-16 campus ‘myths’ busted in booklet published today (5 Oct)
“Teachers are the key to a good education, but they shouldn’t be hampered by poor teaching spaces” (9 Oct)
HSC lays amendment to keep hospital modernisation programme on track (10 Oct)
Policy & Resources Committee corrects misleading claim on the cost of introducing a GST (11 Oct)
Construction industry confirms there is capacity to deliver major public infrastructure projects (12 Oct)
Actuarial valuation shows public sector pension fund value has fallen to around 89% (16 Oct)

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