Cluedo Election Debate briefing


Cluedo is a murder mystery board game that was popular in the 1950s-1980s.

You don’t need to know anything about the game itself to take part in the Cluedo Election Debate, we’ve just borrowed the character names.

The aim of the evening is to explore what makes a good politician – while having some fun.

The candidates

In the original game, the characters are:

Miss Scarlett – femme fatale
Colonel Mustard – military officer
Mrs White – cook and housekeeper
Professor Plum – absent-minded professor
Mrs Peacock – grande dame
Reverend Green – anglican priest

In the game, the Colonel, Professor and Reverend are men, but you are completely at liberty to play them as whatever gender you wish.

The characters have been adapted in various ways over the years for plays and films (see: and, while giving a nod to the original, you can let your imagination run free to create your own backstory.

The Rounds

Round One – 3 minutes each

Each character will take three minutes explain to the audience why they have the traits required to be an effective member of the States. Mrs Peacock might talk about her long life experience, Mrs White might refer to the organisational skills required to run a household.

The audience will then ask questions, of all the candidates or just one.

Round Two – 3 minutes each

Each candidate will have up to 3 minutes to explain their policies. You must explain what you would do to address the housing crisis in Guernsey, plus one or two policies of your own choosing.

The audience will then ask further questions.

The decision

The audience will be given voting slips and will choose which character they would like to see elected in a secret ballot.


The event was created by Susie and will be chaired by Shelaine. If you have any questions, please send Shelaine a WhatsApp.

Thank you for taking part!