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Administrative Review BoardTreating complaints about States services fairly

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In brief…

The Administrative Review Board (ARB) reviews complaints made by the public about the actions and decisions of States committees. For example, someone might feel that they have not received timely medical care or their child’s educational needs have not been met.

The person making the complaint must already have gone through the complaints process for the committee concerned.

The ARB is made up of two panels – the Complaints Panel and the Review Panel.

Four members of the Complaints Panel decide whether a complaint meets the criteria to go forward to a Review Board for a public hearing. One member of the Review Panel sits on the Review Board as its independent member.

These ten-person Panels were newly recruited in 2019 but, in the future, the ARB will advertise to replace people as they stand down.

No specific qualifications are needed but the following experience would be beneficial:

  • complaints handling
  • other tribunals
  • legal
  • States policies and services
  • business

Each Complaints Panel member is likely to be asked to sit on three or four cases a year, on average. The time commitment per case is between twenty and forty hours. This includes all preparation and meeting time.

There’s much more…

To read about the Administrative Review Board in detail, click the ‘download info as pdf’ button below.  Or change over to a laptop or tablet.