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States Trading Group Business Adviser influencing decisions about our lifeline infrastructure

Who are the States Trading Group?

States Trading Group – unincorporated businesses

Guernsey Ports, Guernsey Water, States Works, Guernsey Dairy and Guernsey Waste are trading entities that are part of the States of Guernsey. These are the “unincorporated businesses”.

Each unincorporated business is run by a sub-committee of the States’ Trading Supervisory Board (STSB) that acts as its board. The sub-committee is usually made up of a Chair, a political member of the STSB, two or three Business Advisers and the General Manager and Finance Manager of the business.

States Trading Group – incorporated companies

By contrast, Guernsey Post, Guernsey Electricity, Aurigny and JamesCo (tankers) are separate companies with their own independent board of directors, where the States of Guernsey is the sole shareholder. These are “incorporated companies”. Their Boards have paid non-executive directors, rather than unpaid Business Advisers.

This page focuses on the role of an unpaid Business Adviser to Guernsey Ports, Guernsey Water, States Works, Guernsey Dairy or Guernsey Waste.

What does a States Trading Group Business Adviser do?

Role of Business Adviser

The role of a Business Adviser is a voluntary one and is similar to a non-executive director but without the legal or fidiciary duties. 

Business Advisers contribute fully to the work of the board on which they sit – but they do not have a vote. The board agrees business and financial strategies and makes sure the business operates in support of the policies set by the States.

At present, each board has one or two external Business Advisers. They could be recruited from other businesses with the Trading Group or they could be members of the public with commercial and board experience. They bring expertise, diversity of thinking and independent oversight. As a member of the Board, the Business Advisers help to challenge established practices and assumptions and to drive strong performance by the business in line with its objectives.


As a Board Adviser you will be:

  • Reading papers in preparation for board meetings
  • Contributing to business discussions at the board meetings
  • Ensuring the business strikes the right balance between social, economic and environmental objectives.

How do you get appointed?

Current status
A recruitment round for the initial ‘pool’ of Business Advisers was completed in Summer 2019. 

If you would like to be considered for future roles, send a letter expressing interest and a copy of your CV to the STSB Nominations Sub-Committee, Brickfield House, St Andrew, GY6 8TY or by email to

Appointment process

When a vacancy arises, applicants are initially shortlisted from the Business Adviser pool. If successful, an interview process will follow, with a panel that typically consists of representatives of the business concerned, including the Chair.

All recommended appointments are subject to approval by the STSB.

What skills do you need?

Board Advisers are likely to come from a commercial, legal or financial background and have experience of strategic and operational issues.

You will need an independent mindset – one of the most important things a Business Adviser can offer is an external perspective.

What support or training is there?


As a Business Adviser, you will be supported by the officers who support your board as a whole.  They will give you the schedule of meetings, prepare the papers for you to read before meetings and are available to answer any questions.

You will also be supported by the General Manager of the business and the other members of the board.


Training differs for different businesses. It may range from site visits and in-depth meetings with the operational team to more specific training relating to the business’s operations.

What's the time commitment?

Time commitment

Each board has its own schedule but it is likely to meet every four to six weeks on average.  Meetings tend to be on a specific weekday at the offices of the business and can last between two and four hours.

You will be expected to read the papers beforehand and contribute to discussion in meetings. Some board papers will be lengthy so you need to allow several hours to read through them.

In addition, you will be copied in on emails between the members of the board plus other correspondence.

In total, the time commitment is about a day a month in total.

Do you get paid?


The role of Business Adviser is a voluntary one, there is no salary.  Reasonable expenses are paid.

However, the Business Advisers provide a pool of potential candidates for future Non-Executive Director roles with Aurigny, Guernsey Electricity, Guernsey Post and JamesCo for which you can be paid around £11,700 a year.

Rewards and downsides


These are voluntary positions but you will be using your commercial experience and expertise to help drive and improve performance in unique businesses that can touch the lives of everybody in Guernsey on a daily basis.


Board papers can be lengthy and complex.

Where can I find out more?

More information

More information about the States’ Trading Supervisory Board.

Statement by the President of STSB – 26 February 2020

Statement by the President of STSB – 29 June 2022

Download this information

To turn all of this information about being a Business Adviser into a PDF, click the ‘download info as PDF’ button at the bottom of this page.


This description of the role of Business Adviser has been researched by Women in Public Life volunteers.  If you spot an error, or have a question, please do let us know by emailing

Download info as PDF

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