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Child, Youth and Community Tribunalmaking decisions that support vulnerable young people

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In brief…

The Children, Youth and Community Tribunal (CYCT) makes decisions about children in need or in trouble.

The Tribunal allows for cases involving children and families to be heard in a supportive and non-adversarial environment.

After comprehensive training, you will sit on a hearing as part of a team of three.

You will make your own individual decision and the case will decided by majority.

From time to time the Tribunal actively recruits for new members and advertises widely.

You do not need formal qualifications but you will need to be a team player with a genuine interest in improving the lives of children and young people.

The workload depends on your availability. At a minimum, a tribunal member takes part in one morning or one afternoon hearing a month.

There’s much more…

To read about the Child, Youth and Community Tribunal in detail, click the ‘download info as pdf’ button below.  Or change over to a laptop or tablet.