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Jurat of the Royal Court  trusted by your community to decide serious court cases

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Guernsey doesn’t have a jury system. Instead, the island has a permanent panel of Jurats who can be called upon to decide on the facts in a case that goes to the Royal Court.

There are sixteen Jurats altogether. A minimum of seven, but usually nine, Jurats are needed for all Royal Court criminal cases.

Being elected as a Jurat is a significant honour. The decision about who should be made a Jurat is taken by the States of Election. There are two elections a year, on average.

People with the right skills and standing in the community may be approached by any member of the States of Election and encouraged to stand.

Candidates can also put themselves forward by asking a Deputy to nominate them or by contacting the Senior Jurats or the Bailiff’s Office for further information.

The main skills required to be a Jurat are an interest in serving the community, the ability to evaluate evidence impartially, the ability to be decisive and very good listening skills.

New Jurats serve until they are 72. On average, each Jurat is needed on 85 days each year. A ‘day’ could involve a morning and afternoon session.

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