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Learn about roles 

What is public office?

By ‘public office’ we mean roles to which members of the public are elected or appointed for a defined period of time.  Some are behind-the-scenes, some are high profile.  But all are opportunities for members of the public to represent their community and make decisions on behalf of our Island.  Some are paid, some are voluntary and many can be combined with a full-time job. Have a browse…
Elected roles

Douzenier or Constable

Keeping your parish thriving and beautiful


Making decisions that touch our lives every day

Jurat of the Royal Court

Trusted by your community to decide serious court cases
Public boards

Business Adviser to a States Trading Asset

Influencing decisions about our lifeline infrastructure

Non-States Member roles

Bringing your expertise to a States committee

Planning Panel

Hearing appeals about planning decisions

Social Insurance Tribunals

Helping people appeal decisions about benefits payments

Child, Youth and Community Tribunal

Making decisions that support vulnerable young people

TRP Appeals Panel

Helping people challenge decisions about property taxes

Administrative Review Board

Treating complaints about States services fairly
and panels

Police Complaints Commission

Overseeing complaints made against police officers

Parole Review Committee

Deciding who is safe for release from prison

Independent Monitoring Panel

Maintaining standards of care in our prison

Independent Custody Visitors

Checking that people in custody are treated fairly

Looking for something else?

This is just a selection of the public office roles available. We will be adding to this list as new roles are advertised.

If none of these public office roles appeals to you, why not have a look at: