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Love your parish? Be an active voter.

A voter's guide to the parish elections
Please note - this is a general guide to the way parish elections work. If you are a St Peter Port or St Martin's voter looking for candidate and polling station details for your election on Wednesday 18th November, click the button below for our Voter Information 'Hub'.
Step 1
Check the list of nominations in the Gazette Officielle. Find your parish and check out which posts are up for election and who is standing.

You can find the original Gazette notice on the inside back page of the Guernsey Press on Thursday 29th, Friday 30th and Saturday 31st October. Or see it online by clicking the button below.
Step 2
Watch the videos on the right hand side of this page. They will give you an idea of what a Douzenier does. Click on the button below to read more detail about the roles of Douzenier and Constable.
Step 3
Go to your Parish Meeting on Wednesday 4th November - see Step 1 for time and location.

Anyone can go to a parish meeting but only those on the electoral roll can vote in the elections.

If there are the same number of candidates as the number of seats, an election won't be needed and the candidates will be appointed to the roles they have stood for there and then.

If there are MORE candidates than the number of seats there will EITHER be an election as part of the parish meeting OR the meeting could decide to defer the election for two weeks.
Step 4
Vote if there is an election at the parish meeting:

Either the candidate, or the person proposing them, will speak briefly about why they should be elected*.

The vote at the parish meeting is by secret ballot. You will be given a voting slip if you are on the electoral roll.

The vote will be counted and announced on the night.

*Different parishes have their own ways of running their parish meetings. Sometimes there are no speeches at all. Sometimes there are speeches even if the election is deferred. If you want to know the format in advance, contact your parish clerk.
Step 5
Vote if there is a 'deferred' election on Wednesday 18th November:

If seven or more of the electors at the Parish Meeting raise their hands in favour, the election will be deferred for two weeks until Wednesday 18th November 2020. Delaying the election means that polling stations are set up and anyone in the parish who is on the electoral roll can vote, not just those at the meeting.

A new notice will appear in the Gazette Officielle listing the candidates, the location of the polling station(s) and the opening hours.

Candidates can campaign for votes just like a general election.

Voting has to be in person, there's no postal voting in parish elections.

The vote will be counted after the polls have closed and announced later that night.
Step 6
Consider standing yourself next time.

If you think you might want to stand for the Douzaine yourself at some point in the future, why not dip your toe in the water now? Call your Constables Office or Douzaine Room and ask if there are any projects that need volunteers.

Let Women in Public Life know! We're keen to support women who are thinking of standing for all forms of public office.
Step 7
Sign up for our Women in Public Life newsletter so you can keep up to date with public office vacancies. If you are into social media, join our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.