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Infosheets and reports

Reports, infosheets and other links that might be useful to women thinking of standing for public office are listed here:

Election infosheets

We’ve developed these infosheets to help demystify the election process in Guernsey, in the hope of encouraging more people to stand for Deputy.  We’ll be adding to them over time – if there’s a topic you’d like us to research, let us know.

Stage One – understanding the issues

Stage Two – the election process

Stage Three – planning your campaign materials

Supplier directory

We’re constantly gathering names of businesses that provide useful services to people campaigning for Deputy – website designers, printers, photographers…

Download our current list.

If you’d like your company to be included, let us know.

Additional information

Information for Prospective Candidates in the 2020 General Election.

Recording of IoD July 2020 Breakfast Meeting – ‘Revive and Thrive’ panel event

Channelcast – news podcast from ITV Channel TV with Gary Burgess and Claire Burton.

In Depth – interviews with existing Deputies by Richard Harding

Governance review of the Committee for Home Affairs. Full text. Executive summary.

Governance review of the Committee for Health and Social Care. Full text.

Governance review of the Policy and Resources Committee. Full text.

Governance review of the Committee for Education, Sport and Culture. Full text.

Scrutiny Management Committee’s public hearings and reviews. Archive.

Channel Islands Women at Work Index 2019 – PwC – Guernsey would benefit from a 6% boost to GDP by matching female employment rates to Sweden’s.

A Women’s History of Guernsey, 1850s-1950s by Rose-Marie Crossan.  Highly recommended.

Gender Audit of the States Assembly in Jersey – Diversity Forum Report 2019.


Watch a States meeting

If you want to watch a States meeting from the Public Gallery, here’s all you need to know:

1. States meetings run from 9.30am to 12.30pm and 2.30pm to 5.30pm.

2. Go to the new entrance to the Royal Court building in St James Street (revolving door).  Ask Security to direct you to the Public Gallery.

3. As you go through the wooden door to the Gallery, you’ll immediately go up some stairs. At the top of the stairs turn right and stand at the top of the aisle.

4. If the States is in session you will see the Bailiff (or the Deputy Bailiff) across the Court in front of you in his role as Presiding Officer. It is polite to nod to the Bailiff but don’t worry if you forget, he won’t mind.

5. Take a seat wherever you are comfortable.

6. No eating or drinking in the Gallery. No clapping or other noise, even if the Deputies clap.

7.  You can leave discreetly at any time but, ideally, during a natural break between speeches. Stand at the top of the aisle facing the Court and nod to the Bailiff as you leave. Feel free to return later.

8. Toilets are down the curved staircase and into the corridor on the right.

9. The Gallery is not accessible so there are two spaces for wheelchair users on the floor of the chamber. Ask Security to give you access.

10. To listen on the radio instead, tune in to 1116AM. Or to listen online, google ‘BBC Guernsey States live’ or go to and listen via Microsoft Teams.

To be hidden until required

We really hope to see you in person at one of our Support Circles but in the meantime, if if you will be campaigning for election as a Deputy in June 2020 or as a Douzenier in Nov 2020 why not sign up for our Online Toolkit?

We’ll deliver the toolkit through 7 emails. Each email covers a topic relevant to standing for election in Guernsey. On its way to you over the next two weeks will be tips on raising your profile, social media, manifestos, canvassing for votes and taking care of yourself amid the campaign rush.

Our Toolkit is based on the Local Election Toolkit developed by Women for Election Ireland. We’ve taken all their fantastic hints and tips and adapted them for Guernsey. We’re truly grateful to our Irish sisters for their advice and generosity in supporting the launch of Women in Public Life Guernsey.