Do I need a dedicated email address?

I think it would be sensible to have a dedicated email address for your Election campaign.

This means that voters’ emails won’t get lost in among the emails in your regular account. It will probably make it easier for you to keep track of things. It will mean that, when you sit down to check those emails, you have got your campaign hat on, and you’re not going to get distracted by other things.

The one warning is – if you have a campaign email address, you have to make it easy for yourself to form the habit of checking it regularly. If you are used to checking your emails on your phone or tablet, for example, make sure that you can link to this account as well as your main account. If you only notice emails when you receive an alert, make sure you set up alerts for this one.

I think one-to-one email exchanges with voters will replace a lot of the one-to-one contact you get from door-knocking. I might be completely wrong, but if I were standing now, that’s what I’d be preparing for. I’d make sure I had a campaign email address, and I would also make sure to set aside a decent chunk of time each day to deal with emails.

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