What kind of help am I likely to need?

That depends entirely on you, and your circumstances, and how you want to run your campaign!

For example, if you’ve got your own printed manifesto or leaflet, and you want to get it out to all Islanders, you might need an army of friends and family to help you distribute it. Or, if you’ve decided to use social media for the first time for this Election, you might need someone who can help you to find your way around it.

Or, possibly, the kind of help you’ll find most useful may have nothing directly to do with your campaign. If you have children to look after, then the most important thing might be friends or family who are willing to provide childcare while you go out canvassing or attend hustings.

The next few weeks are going to be intense and your schedule will be all over the place – if you have lovely friends who can drop in with a meal you can warm up in the microwave, or who might be happy to do something as simple as washing a sink full of dishes or passing a hoover for you, then lean on them. Your friends are likely to be cheering you on, and wanting to support you – if you’re not sure how best to ask them for help, feel free just to leave this blog post somewhere they might see it!

Finally, sometimes you just need moral support. You’ll get a lot of that from your fellow candidates – you’re all going through something extraordinary together and, although you are competitors, you can also be friends. Lean on your existing support networks as well, and make sure you take time out of campaigning to be with people who refresh you, who make you feel good about yourself and the world, and who fill you with the energy you need to go out and campaign once more.

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