1.2 Getting Elected

Part One – Standing for Election
(Section 2: Getting Elected)

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Who should I ask to nominate me?
Do I need to sign or swear anything?
What should I have ready on day one?

When should I start preparing?
What do I need to know about Election spending?
What are the rules for what I can and can’t do?
What are the consequences of getting it wrong?

Should I join a political party?
If I’m a party member, how might that affect my campaign?

How should I reach voters?
What should I put in my manifesto?
Do I have to have an opinion on every big political issue?
What if there’s just one main thing I care about?
What if my opinions are controversial?
How do I set realistic expectations?
How much do I need to know about what past States have done?
How do I make my manifesto accessible to everyone?
How do I write something that people will read?

What other campaign materials might I need?

How important will social media be at this election?
Is a website useful?
Do I need a dedicated email address?
How much time will online campaigning take?
Do I need to worry about data protection?

Will I have a chance to meet voters face-to-face?
How do I know who is on the Electoral Roll?
Should I knock on people’s doors?
Should I try to walk the whole island?
How do I stay safe?
Will there be hustings?
What are people going to ask me about?
Can I help to solve people’s problems?
How can I prepare for voters’ questions?

Will I be drawn into existing arguments?
How do I deal with vested interests?

How will the media cover the Election?
How should I respond to questions from the media?
Should I be issuing my own media releases?

Can other people help me with my campaign?
What kind of help am I likely to need?
How should I organise my time during the campaign period?
How do I juggle other work and family responsibilities?
Should I get to know other candidates?
Can we help each other out, even if we’re not in a party?

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1.1 Making the Decision

Part One – Standing for Election
(Section 1: Making the Decision)

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Before we start: Register to vote
Is this blog for me?

What does it take to be a Guernsey politician?
Have I got the skills?
Do I know enough?
Am I ready to do it?
Couldn’t I be more effective on the outside?
How much can I achieve?

Am I old enough?
Can I afford it?
Can I cope with the stresses?
What if I need a reasonable adjustment?

What’s the time commitment like?
Will I be able to keep working?
What will it mean for my family?
What will it mean for my health?

What are the risks?
Should I be worried about skeletons in my closet?
But what if it’s me in the closet?
Will I be employable afterwards?
Can I make a career out of this?

What if I don’t have a thick enough skin?
Does it matter if I’m not from Guernsey?

What is the hardest thing I will ever have to do?

What if I really can’t do this right now?

When do I have to make my decision?
Why did you do it?

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