How do I juggle other work and family responsibilities?

The campaign period can be quite intense, and normal routines go out of the window as you try to fit in hustings, events, virtual campaigning and maybe even door-knocking.

I think it is quite helpful to make a plan for how you want to spend your time in the week ahead. If you have family activities or daily routines that need to be honoured, or if your workplace does not allow you much flexibility, then it is all the more important to plan, and to prioritise spending your campaign time on the activities you think are going to have most impact.

Whatever you do, try and keep some kind of balance if you can – don’t lose sight of your family or your friends, or completely stop the activities that keep you healthy and sane. You’ll need them to refresh you and to buoy you up – and to remind you why you’re doing this. (If it’s not to build a better future for your children, or to protect and enhance the things about Guernsey that make you love this community, why is it? And if it is those things, remember that you get to enjoy them too!)

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