3.1 Principles

Part Three – Everything Else
(Section 1: Principles)

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How do I work out what matters to me?
Am I left or right wing, or in the centre?
Is there a name for my political views?

How do my values influence my decisions?
Should I reflect my values in the language I use?

How well do I need to understand economics?
Do I need to prioritise the finance sector?

How can my values shape the policies we make?
How can my values shape the laws we make?
Can I always vote with my conscience?
How do I choose between two bad things?

How important is loyalty?
How important is my personal reputation?

How do I work out what trade-offs I can live with?
Is there ever an easy decision?
How do I deal with compromising my values?

What does it mean to work in an inclusive way?
I’m in over my head – what can I do?

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