Can other people help me with my campaign?

Yes. People can volunteer to help you out with any part of your campaign. Be careful to check the spending guidance to make sure you know what activities you have to include in your election expenses and which ones you don’t. Generally speaking, help from volunteers doesn’t need to be accounted for, but there are a few cases where that’s not true – for example, if someone is giving you the benefit of their professional service, but not charging for it, you may have to account for that as an expense in “money’s worth”.

People may also want to help you out financially, by making you a gift or a loan of money or goods. If so, please make sure you check the rules about what kind of donations you’re allowed to accept. (If you receive donations from people who aren’t supposed to make them, you will need to return them. If you can’t return a donation, because you can’t trace who it came from, then you will need to hand it over to the Greffier instead.) You are required to disclose donations worth more than £50.

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