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I want to help others 


To become a Women in Public Life volunteer, simply sign up and click the Volunteer button.  We welcome everyone as volunteers – women and men.

As a volunteer you’ll hear about opportunities to share our message on social media, assist with events or help us when we’re stuck with something.
There’ll also be chances to show women standing for public office that you are there for them, willing them on.

Don’t forget to like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

If you like to get more deeply involved and take on a specific role, check out our  Volunteer Vacancies page.


It’s simple – the more donations we get from our supporters, the more we can do to encourage the women of Guernsey to take that first step into public office.

Women in Public Life relies on supporters like you – we don’t get any local grants or money from the States.  We partner with local companies to sponsor our events but other than that, our success depends on our supporters. 

Please click on the Donate button to chip in whatever you can afford.

Invite someone

Think about an amazing Guernsey woman you know.  Think about what her talents and life experience could contribute to our community… 

But does she know about roles in public office?  Does she understand she has the skills to make a difference? Has anyone ever asked her to consider standing?

Show how much faith you have in her – email your friend about Women in Public Life now.

Register to vote

The States is creating a brand new electoral roll for Election 2020 so you even if you have voted before, you need to re-register.

Just go to the Election2020 website and fill in a few details.  It takes a few minutes.

And put a note in your diary to make sure you vote on Wednesday 17th June 2020.

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If you aren’t sure how you can help, sign up to our Newsletter so you can keep an eye on what we’re up to and join in when you feel ready.